On Mariah Havard and the Banned ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirt

  It’s no secret that I LOVE clothes. Along with being a stylish form of expression, clothes also have the power of making important statements. Sometimes, however, these important statements spark undeserved consternation–like the… Continue reading

On Zara and the $5 Million Class Action Lawsuit

My relationship with Zara is complicated. On one hand, I love shopping at retail behemoth. I have, many-a-times, happened upon fabulous, affordable pieces at various Chicago locations. I used to work close to… Continue reading

7 Fashionistas that Rock Denim on Denim Flawlessly

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Red Hair for Dark Skin (Featuring Ivy Dear)

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7 Lipstick Colors for Deep Skin Tones

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The Amazon Boutique Prayer

Below is the prayer that everyone should say before buying clothes from Amazon. You’re welcome. Our Father in Heaven: I come to you today because ordered an outfit from China on Amazon. I did… Continue reading

Ayesha Curry’s Food Delivery Start Up and the Art of Working in Silence

Once upon a time, a seemingly bitter Instagram troll named pachiie wanted to criticize Ayesha Curry for “profiting” off of her NBA husband’s success and took to Ayesha’s comment section to do so.… Continue reading

Matthew A. Cherry’s ‘Forward’ is a Short, Beautiful Love Story.

Matthew A. Cherry’s short film, ‘Forward’ is only ten minutes long, but perhaps brevity is the main component of its allurement. ‘Forward’ is a beautiful story about discovering unanticipated love, and it is… Continue reading

The Greatest Moments of the 2016 BET Awards

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Tia Williams’ ‘The Perfect Find’ is the Perfect Summer Read!

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